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Trip by cudlpnk Trip :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 0 1 Untitled- May 2005 by cudlpnk Untitled- May 2005 :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 4 He is too Cool. by cudlpnk He is too Cool. :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 0 3 My Chaotic Romance by cudlpnk My Chaotic Romance :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 5 I dreamt by cudlpnk I dreamt :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 6
I need A Title
Your fingers reach my neck
And i feel like screaming
the words just dont come out
You keep squeezing
You fiercley climb on top
And i feel like dying
I can't say anything
My words just won't come out
With all your cares, go my dignity
With all your tendernece goes my pride
With every forceful move in my direction
You take a little bit more of my life
I'm dying as you do this
Your little trip of ecstacy
Is a nightmare for me
I slip in and out
Nothing lasts except the pain throughout my body
I feel the filth slipping into me
I scratch and claw at myself
Your still going when i stop
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 0 13
This one is for you.
I close my eyes...
Whisper goodbye
And the tears begin to stream
I drift away
to long gone days
Of you bein here by me
I can hardly remember
what i said to you that day
caught up in everything else
I let our time slip away
I know i'll have another chance
to say everything i feel
but your my best friend
and darling loosing you forever
seems so real...
just so possible.
Like everyone thats gone before
I needed them, of that i am sure
but nothing can compare
to the gift you gave to me
the gift of my own life, the gift that set me free
Im sitting here remembering nothing
but that i love you so
and i need you here with me,
I'll kiss the pain away,
Rewind time and stop the accident
I wish i coulda by your side
as you glimpsed death that night
but all i can do is be here
when you come back to your life
baby your beautiful
and you deserve the best life can give
so jsut come back to us,
and we'll be here to help you live again
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 3 15
Pool And Hearbreak
Smokey residue builds fast
Upon my clothes and in my hair
Smell lingering after I walk out the door
Clouds of smoke block my vision
And you can't see my tears
Tables filled with beers & Jack Daniels
Drunken stupor reigning over you
Balls clang and fall in all directions
Cigarette ashes light my dwindling path out
Leaving that place as a disaster
Head still held high with pride
Heart is crumbling on the inside
Your eyes flickering with fire
Catch up fast and pull me aside
I hear your yelling, but your words become a blur
Fist goes flying with your rage
You almost hit my face
And then I duck away…
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 10
Artifacts of Friendship
Rubbing a few worn wooden beads
Tied loosely round my wrists
Words spell out PTW
And i begin to wonder...
How did it come to mean so much?
From an inside joke to serious importance?
A little something to be carried a long way
Fingers trace all their features
Picture of a memory held captive
Withstanding all the rules of time
Symbolic of one special night
When we were all together
For the very last time
Paper fold so much its become like cloth
Ink begans to fade off
But the words i will always remember
Inscripted in her perfect way
" I Love you like a sister"
All these small memories
I look back on causually
All of them given so insignificantly
Now mean the world to me
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 10
Mature content
Mixed Me- Mixd You- Mixed View :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 5 14
Cadaverous by cudlpnk Cadaverous :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 9 Orange Tulips and Butterflies by cudlpnk Orange Tulips and Butterflies :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 0 8
For A moment
Frozen hands
Ticking stops
Wind ceases
Rain haults,
I feel you.
For a Split,
Conversations muted
Movie reels; jammed
Only long enough
To feel you grab my hand
When it all starts up again,
Shortly after its end,
I feel you let go,
Slip away again
But you were here
For a short time
Sun froze over
A relief from the heat
And i cold feel you,
Cooling me
Then it all started up
And the heat was beaming down
But you saved me,
For a moment
I felt you,
For a moment
On that cold concrete
of your grave in the storm
I heard you
For a while
When my broken radio
Played your song
I smelt you,
A light aroma
of the way you used to be
In those dying orange tulips
In my garden of misery
I saw you again,
That smile that shined
Highlighting the beauty
Of your bright, shining eyes
For a moment,
I dreamt
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 2 11
Summer's Promise
Sweet Nothings linger
On your lips,
Laced with sweetness
Falling softly
Into me
making me complete
I linger in your presence
Awaiting summer's promise
For which I'm left longing
Acompaning golden sunsets
Arriving in crashing waves
The beauty, the turmoil
I cherish, secretly save
Packed away in corners
Of a heart no one knows
Secret Bonds and silent packs
Keep me going day to day
Perserving to find
Summer's promise
Of A Love i need to know
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 2 14
U.F Dev ID. by cudlpnk U.F Dev ID. :iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 11
Carried away softly
By winds I controlled
Drenched and drowned
By the rains in my power
Sent to the four corners
Of this wide earth
By hands that were my own
Never to be heard from
Exiled into other worlds
Never to be seen
Never to be remembered
Forgotten, even in memory
Storms filled evenings,
Darkness filled days
Lit only when lightning would strike
Sorrow filled my world
Since the day I sent you away
I caught a glimpse of sunrise
Striking gold and mellow orange
I felt a little dryer, as all the rain went
Fast as it came
I felt a little warmer
When I used my powers
And you returned that day
:iconcudlpnk:cudlpnk 1 6


My thoughts are now furnished;
my mind is now made;
it's time to continue,
this life escapade.
For all that you've shown me,
you now hold me back,
teaching and keeping me
slightly off track,
till I can't see the stars,
or the sky of the sun,
and see only one thing
with you as the one.
Time won't heal all
these wounds cut by you.
I'll just deal then,
and walk the rain through.
For all your rejections
now have just set me free,
and soon you'll be wishing
you'd not lost out on me.
:iconrenagadeblue16:RenagadeBlue16 1 5
Rain Dance
Take a hit and lay on down,
(see the birds, and the bees, and the flowers and the trees)
Your back's been broken far too long.
(You've bent too far)
Take a hit, and clear the frown,
(take a hit from the bong, get a smile from a song)
In this land where you're never wrong.
Riding on this rollercoaster,
Coasting towards a brighter day.
Here's the magic that we'll show her,
Purging her from the darkest pains.
Young girl, you better take care.
Cause I'm swinging from a branch,
By a rope, in the air.
C'mon, destroy all your pain.
Cause we're running round naked,
Dancing in the rain.
Take a swig, let it fill the void.
(Take a drink from the sink, but it isn't what you think)
All my life I have been paranoid.
(I'm dying fast)
Take a slice, let the knife cut right through you.
(See the greed when you bleed run on down to your knees)
In a land where we can't be annoyed.
Swimminbg through the tidal wave,
Crashing down upon my friends.
Asking for a God to save,
Me from a dismal end.
Young girl, y
:iconstg1985:stg1985 1 1
Dawn of the End by mrkowz Dawn of the End :iconmrkowz:mrkowz 1 1
Life and Fire
Don't go!
Do you know?
Every day,
By waking you make
an impact? In your eyes
there is always a fire
in ev'ry movement there is life.
So when you can't reach what you desire
don't let that fire drown in your own tears
Just breathe, Oxygen fuels a fire, time helps it
grow, thrive, trust the strength given to you by nature.
is the
truth shared by all.
Nature's divine plan,
regeneration, life
from ashes, beauty from scars.
Sun and moon rise and fall, showing
ever-changing feelings are normal.
Predator and prey showing death gives life.
Life should always carry a balance, you must
always look to the smile don't look to the frown.
:icondaiichi:Daiichi 4 43
Kings Park by what-the Kings Park :iconwhat-the:what-the 15 28 We Can Believe by Mr-Squidge We Can Believe :iconmr-squidge:Mr-Squidge 10 19 My Little Jar of Happiness by Mr-Squidge My Little Jar of Happiness :iconmr-squidge:Mr-Squidge 9 26 unexpectingly similar by NOTmyFAULT unexpectingly similar :iconnotmyfault:NOTmyFAULT 1 16
Prayer For Angel
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray God will hear my prayer.
Why does she hurt herself like she does?
Why is she so unfair?
She finds relief by cutting herself.
All it does is tear me apart.
Why can't she see how much she's loved,
and that this is breaking my heart?
Whenever she gets upset
she takes a razor to her wrist.
What if one day it slipped?
What if one day she missed?
I beg you to send an angel.
I'm like the blind trying to lead the blind.
I try to help her see the light.
I cry 'cause it's so hard to find.
Everytime I see them,
the cuts she inflicts on her own,
My heart wrenches-I feel like crying.
I can't handle this alone.
I love her so much.
She means the world to me.
But how can someone I need so much
be so unhappy?
If only an angel could come down to earth
and take away all her pain.
Lift her above all the clouds.
Shield her from the rain.
She was always the strong one.
The one I looked up to.
To me she was invincible.
Now look what she chooses to do.
I pray tonight for hel
:iconunpluggedpuppet:Unpluggedpuppet 4 15
Zodiac Set - Cancer by Magosis Zodiac Set - Cancer :iconmagosis:Magosis 1 2
Color me
Color this ironic, this death from above
I never thought it would end just like this
For once I did it all when push came to shove
But now I'll enjoy this final moment of bliss
I can see the death above me, it's way up high
It's coming for us all, this fire from the sky
Hold back those tears, there's no time to cry
Just smell the roses and remember times gone by
Color me fortunate, it could have been worse
Color me thankful, it's the end of my curse
Color me thoughtless, I've given my regrets away
Color me peaceful, the view is wonderful today
:iconbebop85:bebop85 1 1
Her Water, Her Land, Her Sky
Let her wield her song
And vibrate the strings
While my heart's plucked along
To her song
That song she sings
Let her master her painting
and increase the taints
While my mind's chaos is fainting
To her painting
That painting she paints
Let her temper her dancing
And stare the glances
While I surrender the dancing
To her dancing
That dance she dances
:icontheboyinthecorner:TheBoyInTheCorner 1 2



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